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    "Hey, fuckass. I missed your honking," Karkat sighed.

    Gamzee smirked, "I didn't know my honking all up and motherfucking affected you like that, bro."

    Karkat's face lit up bright red. "It doesn't, you fuckass."

    "Are you sure? Maybe we can go to the horn pile and have sloppy makeouts, then." Gamzee honked.

    "Well, what about Terezi?" Karkat reminded him.

    "Well, what about Terezi? I'm so lonely. Even Tavbro won't have sloppy makeout time with me." Gamzee pouted.
    "Ehh..." Karkat groaned, "But, what if I'm just...bad?"
    "Then I'll give you some of my motherfuckin' pie, man! No big." Gamzee draped his arm over Karkat's shoulders, and whispered, " in or what, motherfucker?"'
    "Don't want that shit...and...I guess..." Karkat bit his lip.

    Gamzee shrugged, "Suit yourself, more pie for me. Anyways," he looked around, "where did I put that motherfuckin' horn pile?"

    "Wasn't it in the corner?" Karkat asked.

    "Maybe, but all there is now are a bunch of potions." Gamzee rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

    "All those are, are blood." Karkat glared at him.

    "Naw man, those are potions, and those potions are miracles." His smile was dopey and full of sopor.

    "Whatever," Karkat looked at him, and blushed a little more.

    "I guess if we can't find my horn pile, we'll just get our motherfuckin' jam on this pile of potions...or pile of miracles." Gamzees hands imitated a rainbow, and he had a look of awe in his eyes. Karkat just laughed and hugged him. "Aww, you adorable as fuck motherfucker." Gamzee hugged Karkat back and nuzzled into his hair. Karkat laughed awkwardly and kissed Gamzee's neck lightly. "Let's just find the horn pile, okay?"
So, I was sitting in band class one day, and was kind of bored, so :iconallmayallthetime: and I wrote every other sentence and it came out with this.
I kind of like it. So, yeah.
TimedRogue Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
i feel like this needed a comment after like a few years if no comments

good job i like this story or as my trollsona would say 

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January 15, 2013
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